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  • When updating the table, the software registers all the changes that were made to the items in Smart Instrumentation.

  • Prior to registering items, make sure that no users are connected to the Smart Instrumentation database.  It is recommended that you clear all Smart Instrumentation sessions before performing item registration.

  • The Domain Administrator must have access rights to the item registry options in order to perform this procedure.

  1. Start the Administration module and log on as Domain Administrator.

  2. With the Domain Administration window open, click DBA > Data Maintenance > Register Items.

When registering items for use in an integrated environment, the Obtain revision from SmartPlant Foundation check box, in the Administration Module > Domain Definition > Domain features, is selected automatically even if it was not selected before registering. After the register items process is complete you must clear the Obtain revision from SmartPlant Foundation check box to continue to use Smart Instrumentation revision numbering. To use revision numbering from SmartPlant Foundation, leave the check box selected.