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  1. Log on as Domain Administrator and select the required domain, configured for an integrated environment.

  2. Click SmartPlant > Register.

     You cannot unregister a plant after it is registered.

  3. On the Select Plant dialog box, select the plant that you want to register.

  4. On the SmartPlant Foundation URL page of the SmartPlant Registration Wizard, type the node name and virtual directory of the SmartPlant Foundation database to which you want to register your project. Use the following format: http://<SPFServer>/<VirtualDirectory>.

    For example: http://<SPFServer>/SPFASP.

    • You can click the Browse button to search for the node name.  However, you must append the virtual directory to that node name by typing it in the SmartPlant Foundation URL box.

    • Replace <SPFServer> with the name of your SmartPlant Foundation Web server.

    • Replace <VirtualDirectory> with the name of the virtual directory for the SmartPlant Foundation Web Client.  By default, the virtual directory for the first instance of the Web Client that you install is SPFASP.  However, if you install multiple instances of the Web Client to connect to multiple databases, the virtual directory name may be different.

  5. Click Next.

  6. On the SmartPlant Foundation Plant page, select from the Plant name list the SmartPlant Foundation plant with which you want to register your Smart Instrumentation plant.

  7. Click Next.

  8. If required, select the auto-retrieve option.

  9. Click Finish to register your plant.  The registration process also compares the authoring tool's schema release number against the list of supported release numbers on the SmartPlant Foundation server.  If the tool map schema is compatible, the tool is granted registration.

  10. On the Select Plant dialog box, click Cancel to close the dialog box.