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  1. Log on as Domain Administrator and select the required domain that has been configured for an integrated environment.

  2. Click SmartPlant > Retrieve.

  3. On the Select Plant to Correlate dialog box, select the plant that you want to use as the seed plant for retrieving the plant hierarchy.

  4. On the SmartPlant Foundation Login dialog box, type the appropriate user name and password.

    The SmartPlant Foundation Login dialog box would appear for SmartPlant Foundation users that have not been unauthorized.

  5. On the Retrieve dialog box, in the Document type list, select All.

  6. Under Show, select All documents.

  7. Under Documents to retrieve, select the PBS document for the required plant.

  8. Click OK to retrieve the document.

  9. At the confirmation prompt, click Close.

  10. On the Select Plant dialog box, click Cancel to close the dialog box.

  11. Click SmartPlant > To Do List.

  12. On the To Do List dialog box, select all the tasks that appear in the list.

  13. Click Run to create the plant hierarchy in Smart Instrumentation.

    SHARED Tip You cannot defer tasks or view To Do List task properties when retrieving a plant hierarchy in the Administration module.

  14. Click Close to close the To Do List dialog box.