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This checklist describes the main steps required for preparing Smart Instrumentation to work in an integrated environment after installation of the necessary software. This checklist is recommended for inexperienced users learning how to configure Smart Instrumentation, and includes:

  • Initializing a domain using the seed database (INtoolsef.ddti)

  • Specifying the XML map file path in the Domain Definition window

  • Registering items

  • Creating a plant hierarchy that matches the source plant hierarchy in SmartPlant Foundation

  • Registering your working plant and correlating it with a plant in SmartPlant Foundation

  • Defining naming conventions

  • Defining settings in Smart Instrumentation for an integrated environment

Before you can publish and retrieve documents:

  • The System Administrator must define an IDEAL user.

  • The IDEAL user must subsequently log on to Smart Instrumentation and specify the output folder for published documents.

  • The Domain Administrator must register, as a one-time operation using the Smart Registration Wizard, each highest-level plant hierarchy item (for example a plant) with a corresponding plant in SmartPlant Foundation.  Registration makes the SmartPlant menu commands accessible in Smart Instrumentation.

The software maps the entire Smart Instrumentation plant hierarchy to a single SmartPlant Foundation URL that points to one SmartPlant Foundation database.

  • After configuring Smart Instrumentation, there are certain rules you must follow to enable the tool to work in an integrated environment.

  • When retrieving Electrical Signal tags from Smart Electrical to Smart Instrumentation, it is recommended to define the naming convention in Smart Instrumentation to Free Segment. If you use a different naming convention for electrical signals in Smart Instrumentation, you should check that a compatible naming convention is defined in Smart Electrical.

  • After upgrading Smart Instrumentation, if your XML files are stored in a folder other than the Smart Instrumentation/XML/ home folder, for example a shared folder on a server, you must manually copy from the Smart Instrumentation/XML/ home folder these files to the required folder.