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This topic describes the flow of activities that allows Domain Administrator to copy data from one <unit> to another in the same or different <plant>.  Copying data to another <unit> involves three major steps:

1. Create a Target <Unit>

Create a new <unit> in the target <plant> and make sure you define the <unit> name and number.  Do not define naming conventions in the target <unit>.  For details, see Create a Plant Hierarchy Item on the Lowest Level.

2. Select the Source <Unit>

Select the <unit> whose data you want to copy to the new unit.  For details, see Select the Source Plant Hierarchy Item for Copying Data.

3. Copy All or Specific Source Data

Set the software to copy all data from the source <unit> or select only specific data.  Then, copy the source data.  For details, see Copy All Module Data or Copy Specific Data.