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When using Oracle, files containing audit trail data appear as SQL files on your Windows server.  To enable saving audit trail data to an external file, you need to open the Oracle Instance Configuration file and set the path value of the parameter UTL_FILE_DIR.

For details about setting the file path value in the Oracle Instance Configuration file on your Windows server, see Creating an Oracle Instance in the Smart Instrumentation Installation and Upgrade Guide.

File path value example on a Windows server:


  • In the path value, the folder name Orc1 corresponds to a possible instance name. INtoolStorage is a user-defined name.  For convenience, we recommend that you always use this name in the file path.

  • On Oracle 9.2, the software might append numbers to the name of the Oracle Instance Configuration File init.ora.  For example, the file name might be as follows:
    Prior to trimming audit trail data, you need to delete the numbers together with the dot that are appended to the init.ora file.  Then, you must restart the Oracle instance manually, that is, not from the Oracle interface but using appropriate SQL commands.