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 To successfully load audit trail data trimmed in a different domain, you must ensure that the values in the primary key fields in the external source file differ from those in the audit trail repository of the current domain.

  1. Start the Administration module and log on as Domain Administrator.

  2. With the Domain Administration window open, click DBA > Data Maintenance > Load Audit Trail.

  3. In the From box, type the initial date of the period (month, day, and year).

  4. In the To box, type the last date of the period (month, day, and year).

  5. In the Load from file box, type the file name segment as it appears in the external file containing the audit trail data.

    • You can type all of the required variables using information contained in the complete name of the file.  The following is an example of a complete file name:
      20010501_20010503_<domain name>#CHANGES_LOG#<file name segment>.txt
      (or .sql on Oracle). 

    • In the complete file name, the audit trail period is displayed in the following order: year, month, and day.

  6. Click Load.

    SHARED Tip After loading the audit trail data, the external file remains on your server.  If needed, you can load the same data onto another domain, or delete the external file manually.

  7. Click Close.