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It is possible to modify the current printer settings.  You can select a standard paper size with predefined width, height, and orientation or customize these settings as required.  Furthermore, you can save your settings as default for future print sessions.  You can customize your own paper width, height, and orientation and include these values in the default settings.

When saving your settings as default, the software stores the values in the [printer] section of the Intools.ini file.  If you want the software to calculate the required paper size from the Windows printer driver settings, do the following:

  1. Open the Intools.ini file and then, in the [printer] section, remove the semi-colon before the following parameters:


  2. Add a semi-colon before the PAPERSIZE parameter.

    SHARED Tip For additional information about this option, click Help in the Page Setup dialog box.

  • All your page settings apply to all reports and documents that you print and they are true on all the hierarchy levels (domain, plant, area, and unit).

  • All your page settings apply to your local machine only and do not affect other users of Smart Instrumentation.

  • If you want to change the page setup for the current print session only, do not click Default, just make your changes and click OK.

  • Some reports have their orientation hard-coded, therefore only the hard-coded settings apply.