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As Domain Administrator you can generate various domain-specific reports.  The following table describes the main reports which are available to the Domain Administrator on the Reports menu.



User List

Displays a list of Smart Instrumentation users for the domains for which you have access rights (those which have been assigned to you as Domain Administrator).  When you select this option, the list is printed in ascending alphanumeric sequence.

User List per Group

Smart Instrumentation users of the domains for which you have access rights, listed according to the groups to which they belong.

Domain Statistics

Displays quantities of the following items in the current domain:

  • Instruments — instrument tags in calculation sheets, process data sheets, and specs.

  • Records in supporting tables — I/O Type, Location, Model, Status.

  • Wiring data — cables, panels, terminals, wires, connections, and I/O channels.

  • Panels by categories — marshaling racks, PLCs, DCSs, junction boxes, device panels, and cabinets.

  • Other items — loop drawings, CAD drawing blocks, P&ID drawing references, hook- ups, lines, and spec forms.

  • Maintenance statistical data — calibration settings, and calibration results.

  • A list of signals per largest group sequence number.

Access Rights

Displays access rights information for selected user groups.  This information includes a list of selected user groups, the items for which those user groups were granted access rights, and the access type to every item.  You can generate this report on the domain, plant, and unit levels.

Cable Type Dependency Validation

Displays a list of all reference cables that do not comply with the cable type dependency requirements. If the report contains any data, the System Administrator cannot enable cable type dependency in the domain. For details about cable type dependency, see Enable Cable Type Dependency.