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This topic explains how to create a custom select list with custom properties and values, which are not available with the software and are specific to your needs.

  1. Start the Administration module.

  2. On the Open Administration Module dialog box, select Domain Administrator and the domain where you want to create the custom properties.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Click User_Defined_Fields.

    • From the main menu click Activities > User Defined Tables and Fields Editor.

    • Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ E.

  4. In the Select Lists tab > Select List pane, click Add Button, to open the New Select List dialog box.

  5. In the New Select List dialog box > Name field, type a unique name for your select list. This is the name used in the database, not the name displayed by the software.

  6. In the Description field, type a unique descriptive name for your select list. This is the name displayed by the software.

  7. Click OK.

  8. In the Definition pane, click Add Button, to add a new row to the definition.

  9. In the new row, under the column Select List Index, type a unique string.

    • The Select List Index can be a number, character, or a combination of both. The string, numeric or alphanumeric, affects the Field Type available for selection. Numeric = Number, Alphanumeric = String.

    • Each row of the select list must have a unique string, though the same string can appear in more than one select list.

    • The Select List Index is the value that is stored in the database and on which the software performs validation checks against the data saved in your database.

    • There must be at least one value in the Select List Index for the Custom Select List to be saved.

    • If a decimal number is used in the Select List Index, then the select list is not available in a numeric UDF.

    • You can press Tab on the keyboard to move to the next cell.

    • When adding values to the definition, at the end of the row you can click Add Button or press Tab or Enter on the keyboard to start a new row.

  10. In the empty cell in the column Select List Text, type the string you want displayed in your select list.

    The Select list text is the actual displayed value in the pick lists and reports.

  11. Click Add Button, to add more rows to your select list until completed.

  12. When you have finished adding to your select list, switch to the Custom Defined Fields tab or close the dialog box to save.