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The Domain Administrator uses the User Defined Tables and Fields Editor to define custom tables and fields that contain properties and values that are required by users, but are not shipped with the software.

You must have System Administration rights and be the Domain Administrator for the Domain you want to apply the User Defined Fields and Table. If you only have System rights and are not the Domain Administrator for the Domain you want to apply the User Defined Tables and Fields, the User Defined Tables and Fields are not available for selection.

The user defined tables and fields are defined in the Administration module at the domain level so that the defined properties are common to all the plants in a domain. These user tables and fields are used with the following item types:



Cable set

Calibration result

Calibration setting

Control System tag


Electrical equipment



Hook-Up Item






Process data






  • User Defined Fields cannot be used for Specification data.

  • You cannot add new entries to select lists Select lists allow users to select a value from a list of applicable values. For example, you can define select lists to show applicable sub-types of equipment, or list available RAL color codes for instrument paint. When you define custom fields, you can specify whether you want users to select property values from a select list or type the value directly as text. or property tables that are shipped with the software.

    The Number of Characters field for certain UDFs are not available in the User-Defined Tables and Field Editor. The number of characters permissible in these specific UDFs is dependent on the physical space allocated to them in your database.

    The specific fields are as follows;

    • Process Data fields – Process Data UDF 91 to Process Data UDF 134.

    • Instrument > Custom Fields

      • Instrument Numeric UDF 01 to Instrument Numeric UDF 06 – You can set up to a maximum of 10 characters. These fields can only be of type integer (whole numbers, no decimals).

      • Instrument Numeric UDF 07 to Instrument Numeric UDF 10 – You cannot set a number of characters for these fields, this is determined by the software. The software also allows for two decimal places after the point.