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The following archiving options are available:

  • Do not save (not available for the Document Binder module reports) — Sets the software not to keep a revision archive.  After saving the report revision, Smart Instrumentation users cannot see the information contained in that report at the time of revision, and the report comparison is not available.

  • Save to database — Sets the software to keep a revision archive in the database.  This way you eliminate the need for file sharing and management.  Note, however, that this option can slow down your work.

  • Save as File — Sets the software to keep a revision archive as an external .psr file (or as a .sma file when using the Enhanced Report Utility and adding revisions to an open report, not with global revisions).  Selecting this option can speed up your work.

  • Compress as ZIP file — Sets the software to keep a revision archive as an external .psr file — in a compressed .zip format.  This feature is useful, for example, before backing up a database when you have made a large number of report revisions.  Selecting this option reduces the size of the backup database.

  • When changing an archiving option for a Document Binder module report, the software assigns the same archiving option to all the other Document Binder reports as well.  This is because in the Document Binder module, you can only create revisions for the entire binder package).  You can, however, apply a different custom title block to any Document Binder module report.

  1. Start the Administration module and log on as Domain Administrator.

  2. With the Domain Administration window open, click Activities > Report Management.

  3. In the Report Management dialog box, under Sort by, select one of the following options to sort the reports in the Report Name column:

    • Report — sort the reports in the data window by the report names.

    • Module — sort the reports in the data window by modules.

  4. To filter the reports by specific module, under Filter by, select a module.

  5. Select Apply to view the reports belonging to the specified module.

    SHARED Tip To return from the filtered view to the normal view, clear the Apply check box.

  6. For a specific report displayed in the Report Name column, select the archiving option from the list in the Archiving Options column.

    • If you have selected the Save to database or Do not save option, skip this step.

    • To use the Save as File, or Compress as Zip file options, you need to set an archive path (as described in the next step).

  7. To define the default archive path for all the report revisions to be saved as files or compressed as .zip files, click next to the Path field in the Default archive path group box, and enter the required path.

    SHARED Tip If needed, you can define a different path for a report by entering the required path in the Archive Path field of the data window.