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  1. Start the Administration module and log on as Domain Administrator.

  2. With the Domain Administration window open, click Activities > Preferences Management.

  3. Click the tabs in the Preferences Management dialog box to define various default preference settings.

    SHARED Tip To learn more about Smart Instrumentation module preferences, click Help in the in the Preferences Management dialog box on the appropriate tabs.

  4. Click Advanced.

    The advanced preferences cannot be applied to actions performed by the Import and Export preferences of Smart Instrumentation.

  5. On the Advanced Domain Preferences dialog box, for the preferences that you modified and want to set as default, clear the Enabled check box.

    • Clearing the Enabled check box for an option prevents new and existing users from modifying this preference in Smart Instrumentation.

    • Selecting Enable all allows you to make all the domain preferences available for customization in Smart Instrumentation.

       We recommend that you do not disable the temporary folder path option.  This is because in the temporary folder, the software creates temporary files during various activities that users perform in Smart Instrumentation, for example, when creating specifications, generating CAD drawings, hook-up drawings, reports, and so forth.  If you prevent users from specifying individual temporary folder paths, the temporary folder path becomes shared among several users.  This can cause problems with data display when users perform the same activity at the same time, for example, when creating two specifications at the same time.

  6. Click OK to save the settings and close the Advanced Domain Preferences dialog box.