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To work in KKS mode in Smart Instrumentation, you must use the Administration Module.  This ensures that the software populates the target database with KKS segment code lists and representative KKS instrument types.

Domain Administrator Activities

  1. Log on as Domain Administrator, and on the Administration dialog box, select the domain that you initialized.

  2. Define the plant hierarchy and add plant groups (for details, see the appropriate topics in the Administration Module Online Help).

  3. Click Activities > Naming Conventions.

  4. On the Naming Conventions dialog box, copy the naming conventions from the Default lowest plant group of the Default plant and make necessary adjustments to define the naming conventions using KKS segment properties.  For details, see Define KKS Naming Convention Using KKS Segments.

Import Utility Activities

When importing line data to the Instrument Index module, you need to perform the following procedure to enable the use of KKS segments in the import link.

  1. In the Import Utility, select the import link and open the Link Properties dialog box.

  2. Click the Style tab.

  3. Select the Display all fields check box.