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  1. Start the Administration module and log on as Domain Administrator.

  2. In the Domain Administration window, click Activities > Panel Location Levels.

  3. For the first location level, enter a location level name and an optional separator to indicate the highest level of the hierarchy.
    For example, create the level Building and enter a back-slash separator ( \ ).

    • The level separators and user-defined level names appear in the Panel Properties dialog box of the Wiring module.

    • The level separator can contain a single alphanumeric or special character.

    • For a panel location name, you can use any number of alphanumeric or special characters.  The name can include spaces.

  4. Click Add and then enter another location level name and a separator.
    For example, create the level Room and enter an ampersand separator ( & ).

     The location level names must be unique.

  5. Do one of the following:

    • Click Add to append another row below the Room level.

    • Select the row with the Room level and click Insert to add another row above the Room level.

    • You can insert or delete levels only before users create panel locations on the level that you select.

    • At any stage of your domain life cycle, you can click Add to define a new lowest level in your panel location hierarchy.

    • If you defined three levels, for example, Building as the highest level, with separator \, Floor as the second level, with separator —, and Room as the lowest level (Level 3), with separator &, in the Wiring module, in the Panel Properties dialog box, the location string appears as follows:

      <user-defined location name on the Building level>\<user-defined location name on the Floor level>—<user-defined location name on the Room level>&.

    • The level names that you define only appear in the Domain Explorer, and do not affect specific location names that users define.  Therefore, you can change the level names any time you require.