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General Note

Naming conventions of wiring items do not depend on the naming convention standard set by the System Administrator per domain.  You define a naming convention for wiring items (apart from wire ends) using the options available in the Naming Conventions dialog box.  In this dialog box, a complete list of wiring items for which you can define naming conventions appears in the Convention box.

When applying a naming convention that includes a rack segment, a slot segment or both to a wiring item that does not have a rack or a slot as its immediate parent item, the software omits this segment.

Wire End Naming Conventions

Options for defining wire end naming conventions are available in the Wire End Naming Conventions dialog box.

Panel Naming Conventions

If your panel naming convention segments contain levels of panel locations, the software does not display the lowest level in Smart Instrumentation in the following scenario:

  1. In the Panel Location Levels dialog box, create several levels, for example, Building, Floor, and Room.

  2. In the Naming Conventions dialog box, define a naming convention for a panel, for example, for a DCS.  For the naming convention, use the panel location segments, for example, Building\Floor\Room\XX, where XX represents a free segment.

  3. In Smart Instrumentation, create a new DCS at the Floor level.  When creating the DCS name, the software automatically replaces the Room segment with spaces so that the new DCS name appears as follows: Building\Floor\    \XX. If, when defining the naming convention, you selected the Remove trailing spaces in each segment check box, the name appears as follows: Building\Floor\\XX

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