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Naming conventions define the parameters that the software uses when creating tags, loops, device panels, cables, or other items in Smart Instrumentation. Each of these items has its own instrument type to which you manually set the naming conventions from the Admin module.  The naming conventions are flexible and follow no limitations, so you can build and maintain the instrumentation data according to your specific instrumentation needs.  The maximum length of a naming convention is 50 characters.

Before you start defining naming conventions, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following general guidelines:

  • You define naming conventions on a per <unit> basis.  Therefore, if you want certain items (for example, panels) to share naming conventions on the highest plant hierarchy level, for example, you can define a naming convention for panels in a specific <unit>, and then, copy this convention to all other units available in the same <plant>.

  • The naming is performed according to item types.  For an item type, it is only possible to define one naming convention.  You set the naming for each item type and thus affect the creation of new items in Smart Instrumentation.  All items inherit the naming convention of the item type they belong to. Examples for item types are; Instrument, Loop, Cabinet, DCS, Control System Tag, and so forth.

  • You can define the naming convention freely without any limitation, or set it to include different segments, separators, dashes and any other character that serves your purposes. The maximum length of a naming convention is 50 characters, including separators. This length applies for all naming convention standards.

  • You can copy naming conventions only on the lowest plant hierarchy level, for example, from Unit1 to Unit2, within the same domain.

  • When defining a naming convention for wiring equipment, note the following limitation: you cannot include a slot name or an I/O card name together with the rack name.  The software can only retrieve the name of the actual parent item.  For example, when a card is a child item of a slot, only the slot name can be retrieved but not the rack name.

Compatibility with Instrumentation Standards

Smart Instrumentation allows you to freely set your own standards and naming convention.  This way you can build and maintain the instrumentation data according to your specific instrumentation needs.

The tag and loop number naming convention options depend on the standard that the Domain Administrator has selected in the Naming Conventions dialog box. The default standard is the Flexible standard which allows the Domain Administrator complete flexibility when setting up unit naming conventions.  However, the Domain administrator can use traditional ISA or Loop standards to set the naming conventions automatically and then modify the conventions as required.

  • The ISA standard is based on the Instrument Society of America ANSI/ISA-S5.1-1975 standard as published in the: Instrument Society of America. Standards and Practices of Instrumentation, Instrumentation Symbols and Identification. 7th ed. NC, 1983.

  • You can use some parts of the Flexible standard with the Power Station Designation System (KKS) standard.