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 If you delete project data using this procedure, the software deletes all data from the project, including items you claimed for the project.  However, after deleting project data using this procedure, you cannot use this project to run a merge process to delete previously claimed items from As-Built.  If you want to delete project data and then run a merge process, you must delete the data manually from Smart Instrumentation.  Then, you can run a merge process to delete claimed items from As-Built.  After that, you can delete the project itself on the Project Activities dialog box (Activities > Project Activities).  From the Project list, select a project and click Delete.

  1. With the Domain Administration window open, click DBA > Delete Projects.

  2. On the Delete Projects dialog box, clear the Delete project schema check box.

  3. Under Project List, select the project for which you want to delete project data.

  4. Click OK.