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If you created groups for Windows authentication logon method, you do not need to add any users to the groups.  Whenever a new user with Windows authentication logon method credentials starts Smart Instrumentation for the first time, the software assigns this user to the appropriate Smart Instrumentation group automatically.  For more information, see Create a Group for Windows Authentication Logon Method.

  1. Start the Administration module and log on as Domain Administrator.

  2. Click Activities > Assign Users to Groups.

  3. From the Group list, select the group to which you want to assign the required user.

    SHARED Tip The users who have already been assigned to the selected group appear in the Group users pane.

  4. In the User list pane, select the user you want to assign to the selected group.

  5. Drag the selected user from the User list pane to the Group users pane.

  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 in this procedure for each user you want to assign to a group.

  7. Click Apply to save the selections.

  8. Click Close to close the dialog box.

If a user does not see the plant hierarchy after starting Smart Instrumentation, this means that this user is not assigned to any group in the domain.

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