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The Domain Administrator can perform the following tasks to manage user groups:

Create a new group — Access rights are defined at the level of a group; therefore, for each access rights profile that you can assign to users, you need to define a group and then assign the appropriate users to one or more groups.

Create a group for windows authentication logon method — A group for Windows authentication logon method is a user group that exists in Windows and is associated with a Smart Instrumentation group.  The names of the Windows and Smart Instrumentation groups must be identical.  All users defined in a Windows domain who belong to this Windows group can access Smart Instrumentation without having to provide any logon information, such as user name and password.  When such a user starts Smart Instrumentation, the software detects the user's Windows group settings, matches the Windows group name to the corresponding Smart Instrumentation group name, and assigns the user to the Smart Instrumentation group automatically.

Modify the profile of a group— This option explains how you can edit the profile of an existing group.

Assign users to groups — In the current domain, the Domain Administrator can assign an existing user to one or more groups.  Assigning users to groups is needed because access rights to the domain items are granted per group.  Therefore, users who are not assigned to any group have no access rights to the domain.

Remove users from groups — This procedure enables the Domain Administrator to remove users from a group.

Remove deleted windows users from Smart Instrumentation user groups — This procedure enables the System Administrator to remove from Smart Instrumentation those users who have been deleted from their Windows groups.  Such users remain assigned to the Smart Instrumentation group but can no longer access Smart Instrumentation if the Windows authentication logon method is switched on.

Delete a group This procedure enables the Domain Administrator to delete a group that has no users.