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The following tasks are used frequently when working in an owner operator domain:

Create a project — After System Administrator creates an owner operator domain, the first stage of revamping an owner operator facility is defining a project within which the revamping engineering activities will take place.  Each project must be defined within a specific plant, but may overlap several areas and units.  More than one project can be defined for the same plant, and several projects may cover the same areas or units.  In projects, you can create new items and claim As-Built items.  Prior to creating a project, your System Administrator needs to define a domain and specify the domain type as Owner operator.

Assign user groups to a project — After creating a project, the Domain Administrator needs to assign user groups to the project.  By assigning user groups to the project, the Domain Administrator determines whether certain users can only work in the project or also perform project maintenance activities.  We recommend that one of the user groups only contains Project Administrators.  After assigning such a group to a project, the names of Project Administrators become available in the Project Administrator list of the Project Activities dialog box.

Select a logo for the project — Use this procedure to define a logo for a selected project when the domain type is Owner operator.  You can select a .bmp format graphic file that you want to appear as the logo in most printed documents, such as some reports and specifications.
When your owner operator domain contains more than one project, you can assign a distinctive logo for each project.  In this case, when you switch from one project to another, the logo assigned to that project is retrieved from the Smart Instrumentation database.

Make As-Built definitions — After the System Administrator has defined a domain as an owner operator domain, the Domain Administrator can make several definitions that include assigning a Project Administrator, selecting a work-flow option, and adding notes.

Display item colors — Use this feature when viewing or claiming items in the Project scope, and when merging items to As-Built. The software allows you to specify the colors used to display the status of the claimed items selected for a project, or of items merged with As-Built, or of Inactive Items.

Rebuild a project — Use this procedure to rebuild a project after performing any of the following activities:

  • Initializing an owner operator domain.

  • Upgrading an owner operator domain.

  • Restoring an owner operator domain from an Oracle .dmp file or SQL Server .bak file.

Rebuilding projects is also required when an existing project is damaged or there is a change in a process that requires the original basic project.