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This topic describes the primary flow of activities that allows Domain Administrator to define a Project Administrator in an owner operator domain and assign the Project Administrator to a specific project.  It is possible to define more than one Project Administrator for a project but you can assign only one Project Administrator per project.   You can use the same flow of activities to define other Project Administrators for the same project, or define Project Administrators for any other projects that exist in the current domain.

1. Create a Project

In your owner operator domain, create a project, with or without the project schema.  For details, see Create a Project.

2. Create a User

Create a new user you want to define as Project Administrator for the project the Domain Administrator created.  A procedure for creating a Project Administrator user is the same as for any other user.  User creation is performed by System Administrator.  For details, see Define a Smart Instrumentation User.

3. Create a User Group

Create a new group that you can then use for assigning your Project Administrator.  If you intend to define several Project Administrators in your domain, it is sufficient to create one user group and then assign all the Project Administrators to this group. For details about a user group creation, see Create a New Group.

4. Assign the User to the Group

You need to assign the Project Administrator to the group that you created.  For more information, see Assign Users to Groups.

5. Grant Full Access Rights for Project Definition to the User Group

Project Administrators in the user group that you created must have full access rights for project definition.  In the Access Rights window, the Project Definition access right setting appears at the domain level.  For details about granting access rights, see Grant Access Rights for Selected Items or Activities.

6. Assign the User Group to the Project

This procedure enables you to display your Project Administrator in the Project Administrator list of the Project Activities dialog box.  For details, see Assign User Groups to a Project.

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