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This procedure deals with creating and modifying a plant hierarchy item on an intermediate level using the Plant Hierarchy Explorer.  Area is the default intermediate level in a hierarchy that has three levels.

The number of intermediate levels depends on the level definitions you made in the Plant Hierarchy dialog box.  For example, if your plant hierarchy has four levels, both Level 2 and Level 3 are intermediate levels.  You can create items on any of these levels.  However, only on Level 3, which is the lowest intermediate level item, you can create multiple <units>.

  1. Start the Administration module and log on as Domain Administrator.

  2. With the Domain Administration window open, click .

  3. In the Plant Hierarchy Explorer, right-click any level under which the software displays the icon PPM All Outputs Graphic.

  4. Click New.

    • To modify properties of an existing intermediate level item, expand the plant hierarchy, right-click the appropriate item, which is indicated by the icon PPM All Outputs Graphic, and then, on the shortcut menu, click Properties.

    • The highest plant hierarchy level items are indicated by the icon PPM All Outputs Graphic.

    • To delete an item, right-click the item itself, and then, on the shortcut menu, click Delete.  To delete an item that has child items, you must first delete the child items.

  5. From the Plant list, select a plant.

  6. Click New.

  7. In the <Area> data field, type a new <area> name.

    • The intermediate level item name must be unique within the current node of the parent level.

    • The name must contain at least one character that is not space.  The maximum name length is fifty characters.

  8. In the boxes, enter data as required.