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A plant hierarchy consists of a minimum of three levels, to which you can assign as many items as you require.  For example, you can create a level My_Unit and then, using the Plant Hierarchy Explorer, create items Unit1, Unit2, Unit3, and so forth, and assign these items to the My_Unit level.

Creating a plant hierarchy is the first stage of your plant structure design.  This is because after creating a first <plant> in the Plant Hierarchy Explorer, you cannot change the plant hierarchy levels until you delete that plant.

  1. With the Domain Administration window open, click Activities > Plant Hierarchy

  2. Using the options in the Plant hierarchy dialog box, set up the number of hierarchy levels and name the levels as needed.  You can set up your plant hierarchy using the options as follows:

    • Click Add to add the lowest level in the plant hierarchy (the default lowest level is Level 3).

    • Select a level, and then click Insert to add a new level above the selected level.

    • Select a level, and then click Delete to delete the level that you do not require.

    • Under Name, change or enter a new name for the level.  The name that you enter appears as the name of the appropriate folder in the Plant Hierarchy Explorer.

    • You can delete any levels as long as three levels remain in the dialog box after deletion.  Three levels in the minimum number of plant hierarchy levels.

    • You can add or insert levels only before creating the first plant in the Plant Hierarchy Explorer.

    • You can change the level names at any stage of your domain life cycle.