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This topic describes the process in which the Domain Administrator grants access rights for selected items/activities to a specific group. Unit access rights are granted per unit and if you are logged to one unit, the access rights of any unit other than the one you are currently logged to (accessed unit) are limited to View Only or Access Denied. This regards the accessed unit's Process Data, Specifications, and Calculation documents. If the accessed unit's documents access rights were defined as either Full, Modify, or View Only your access will be limited to View Only. When the accessed unit's documents access rights were defined as Access Denied your access rights will also be defined as Access Denied. To change the status of the accessed unit rights, log to the accessed unit to change its access rights as required.

  1. With the Domain Administration window open, do one of the following:

    • Click File > Domain Definition.

    • Click .

  2. In the Domain Definition window, do one of the following:

    • Click Options > Access Rights.

    • Click .

  3. In the Access Rights dialog box, in the Group list pane, select the user group for which you want to define access rights.

  4. Double-click the group to expand the tree.

  5. Select the level at which you want to grant access rights (Domain level, Plant level, or Unit level).  If selecting at the plant or unit level, expand the tree further to select a specific plant or unit.

  6. In the Item or activity pane, click the Mode field next to the item or activity in the Name column to open a list of available modes of access rights.

  7. Select the required access rights mode from one of the following:

    • Full (Add / Delete / Update)

    • Modify (Add / Update)

    • View Only

    • Access Denied

  8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 to grant access rights to the same group for another item or activity.  Repeat steps 3 through 7 grant access rights to another group for the required item or activity.

  9. Click Save Icon 16bit to save your selection to the database.

 Certain items or activities at the domain level relate to Domain Administration.  The access rights mode for these items is set for all users to Access Denied by default.  The Domain Administrator always has full access rights to these items, regardless of the access rights mode set for them in the group to which the Domain Administrator belongs.