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  1. Start the Administration module and log on as System Administrator.

  2. With the System Administration window open, do one of the following to open the Domain Definition window:

    • Click Activities > User.

    • Click .

  3. In the User dialog box, click New.

  4. Under User, type a unique user name.

    • The user name can contain up to thirty characters.  The software applies upper case to all alphabetic characters.  You can use any combination of characters.

    • If you intend to use Windows authentication logon method, you must define a user group with the same name as a user group defined in Windows.  In this case, you do not have to define users at all.  Then, whenever a user that belongs to the Windows group accesses Smart Instrumentation for the first time, the software logs on this user and assigns the user to the Smart Instrumentation group.  The user name appears in the User dialog box automatically.

      If the User Group name (for Windows authentication) was created in a Windows environment prior to Windows 2000, you must use this name even if it is different from the Active Directory Group name.

  5. Under User initials, type the appropriate initials.  The software uses this value to identify the reviewer in all the revisions created in the software.

  6. From the Department list, select a department to which you want to assign the user.

  7. Under Password, type a unique login password for the user.

    SHARED Tip A password can contain up to 20 characters and is case-sensitive.  The password that you type appears masked.

  8. Under Verify new password, retype the password you just entered.

  9. Select the System Administrator check box if you want to grant System Administrator rights to the new user.

    SHARED Tip In Smart Instrumentation, there can be more than one user with System Administrator access rights.

  10. Select the IDEAL user check box if you want this user to generate reports using IDEAL.  After defining an IDEAL user, the software can make a connection between the Smart Instrumentation Server and the Smart Instrumentation database.

    • You must log on to Smart Instrumentation using the IDEAL user name and password to be able to set the preferences for IDEAL report generation that the software can recognize.

    • Only one IDEAL user can be defined per domain.

  11. Under Note, type a brief note as required.

  12. Click Apply.

  • To edit the profile of an existing user, select the required user from the User list and click Edit.

  • To delete a user from the system, select the required user from the User list and click Delete.

  • Deleting a user means that this individual will no longer be able to access Smart Instrumentation.  However, the history and activity tracking information associated with that user will continue to exist in the database.  For this reason, every user should have a name that is unique in the system.

  • If you want to delete a user who is a System Administrator or Domain Administrator, you must first assign a different user as the System or Domain Administrator.