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The following tasks are used frequently when you need to perform database maintenance tasks on Oracle.

View tablespace data — Tablespaces are database domains where Oracle keeps your Smart Instrumentation database information.  The tablespace data is physically stored in one or more files.  This option allows you to view a list of tablespaces in which there is still free space to store data.

Add datafiles to tablespaces — If your system reports that you ran out of space in the database tablespaces or if the system fails to perform, you can use this option to increase the database tablespace by attaching additional datafiles to an existing tablespace.

Optimize indexes You can use this option to optimize fragmented Oracle database indexes.  Oracle database indexes become fragmented during the domain lifetime and contribute to database under-performance.  In this case, you can rearrange your database indexes to optimize them.  The domain index data is generated during the initialization phase.  The index data is grouped into one or more Extents which may account for the index fragmentation level.  As you keep storing and deleting domain data, the Oracle Extents become disordered thus slowing down SQL command execution.  Smart Instrumentation solves this problem by reordering the indexes stored in these Extents.

Update statistics — This option enables you to improve the Oracle SQL command processing performance, especially after a large data import or after optimizing indexes, or after initializing a domain on Oracle.  During updating the statistics, Smart Instrumentation executes an ANALYZE SQL command that retrieves the statistical data for the Smart Instrumentation tables.  That statistical information is later used by the Oracle Cost-based Optimizer to optimize SQL command execution.