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  • When initializing a domain, a View-Only Domain schema password is created using the format <Domain schema logon name>_VIEW, for example: Red Plant_VIEW. If you then change the Domain name, you must still use the original View-Only Domain schema password to rebuild the default views.

  • You can only rebuild the default views supplied with the Smart Instrumentation database.  You cannot rebuild any user-defined views.

  • Make sure that all users have logged out of the database before starting this procedure.

  1. With the System Administration window open, click DBA > Rebuild Default Views in Domains.

  2. From the Domain list, select the domain whose database views you want to rebuild.

  3. In the View-Only Domain schema password box, enter the logon password of the View-Only Domain schema.  The password characters appear masked.

    SHARED Tip You can change the password only once, when initializing a new domain.  If you did not change the password when initializing the selected domain, enter the default logon password, which is <Domain schema logon name>_VIEW.

  4. If working on SQL Server, type the SQL Server System Administrator’s password.

  5. Click OK to start rebuilding the views of the selected domain.