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This option enables you to work faster in a multi-user version of Smart Instrumentation by disabling database locking.  Normally, when working in a multi-user environment such as Oracle or SQL Server, all database objects, for example, triggers, stored procedures, and so forth, become automatically locked.  Locking objects prevents sharing violation problems from occurring when several users try to access the same instrumentation data item at the same time. Note that this locking mechanism slows down your work.

In multi-user versions of Smart Instrumentation (Oracle and SQL Server), all database objects are locked by default.  However, depending on the way you manage your database, you can unlock all database objects, thus making the software work faster.  You can also revert to the default mode and lock the database objects any time you need.

To learn how to set your database locking mode, see Set Database Locking Mode.

 Remember that once you unlock your database objects, there is no mechanism which prevents sharing violation problems from happening.  In this case database problems can occur when more than one user tries to work on the same item.