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Windows authentication logon method allows the software to create Smart Instrumentation users automatically and assign them to existing Smart Instrumentation groups as soon as these users start Smart Instrumentation.

First, in a specific domain, the Domain Administrator must associate a global group that exists in Windows with a Smart Instrumentation group.  To do so, the Domain Administrator creates a Smart Instrumentation group and assigns to this group an existing Windows group (the group name characters are case-sensitive).

After that, any user who belongs to this Windows group can access this Smart Instrumentation domain automatically without having to provide any logon information.  This is because the user's Windows and Smart Instrumentation logon information is the same.  When such a user starts Smart Instrumentation, the software bypasses the Logon Information dialog box, and displays directly the Open dialog box, where you select a <unit>.  To access Smart Instrumentation, in the Open dialog box, the user needs to select a domain in which the Domain Administrator has associated the user's Windows group with the Smart Instrumentation group.

  • The System Administrator can enable or disable the use of Windows authentication logon method when setting security options.  After switching from the Windows authentication logon method back to the Smart Instrumentation logon method, all the users remain in Smart Instrumentation but each user must provide a personal Smart Instrumentation user name and password when logging on.

  • To be able to access Smart Instrumentation using Windows authentication logon method, a user must be connected to the appropriate Windows domain.  Only after the user receives the Windows group privileges can the software match the user's Windows domain name with the Smart Instrumentation domain name.

  • Users who do not belong to any Windows user group or who are not defined in any Smart Instrumentation group cannot access the domain.

  • After the software creates users in a Smart Instrumentation group by using Windows authentication logon method, these users remain in the Smart Instrumentation group even if they are removed from the Windows group.  These users can no longer access Smart Instrumentation.  The System Administrator needs to remove deleted Windows users from Smart Instrumentation.

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