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If an initialization process fails to complete, this domain becomes invalid (cannot be used).  We recommend that you delete the invalid domain before initializing a new one.

  1. With the System Administration window open, click DBA > Delete Invalid Domain.

  2. In the Delete Invalid Domain dialog box, from the Domain Name list, select the invalid domain.

    SHARED Tip If the list is empty, there are no corrupted domains in the current database.

  3. Click OK.

  • After you click OK, you cannot stop the deletion process.

  • The duration of the deletion process depends on the stage at which the domain initialization failed: the later the stage, the longer the deletion process.

  • On Oracle, Smart Instrumentation does not automatically delete all the data files associated with a deleted domain.  You need to delete the remaining data files manually.  You can view and print out the list of these data files in the Data Files to Delete Manually dialog box, which opens after Smart Instrumentation completes the invalid domain deletion.