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Deletion is an operation you should consider very carefully before attempting to perform it.  If you delete a domain, the software deletes the Domain schema with all the database objects associated with it.  Since this operation is irreversible, you should consider backing up your domain first.

  1. Do one of the following to open the Domain Definition window:

    • Click File > Domain Definition.

    • Click .

  2. Do one of the following

    • Click Options > Delete.

    • Click Delete Icon 16.

  • When deleting a domain in Oracle, if the software detects a rollback segment problem, an appropriate message appears.  In this case, click OK and then click Delete again.  If this kind of message reappears, click OK each time and then restart the deletion process until you receive a message notifying you that the domain has been deleted successfully.  The possible problems that cause the occurrence of the error messages are insufficient disk space, non-optimal storage clause, or insufficient number of rollback segments.

  • After deleting a domain in Oracle, a message is displayed with a list of physical tablespace data files you need to delete manually.

  • In SQL Server, deleting a domain automatically deletes the filegroup and data files associated with the domain.