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In Smart Instrumentation, audit trail is a mechanism that enables the Domain Administrator to mark history changes and save information about user operations such as deleting, inserting, and updating Smart Instrumentation data in the domain.  As soon as a user performs one of these operations, information appears in the appropriate tables.  The software records all these operations in the audit trail repository.

You can trim this information in a domain by defining the time of operation. The time of operation appears in the audit trail repository.

Also note that the System Administrator has the privileges to activate and deactivate the audit trail functionality.

  • Audit Trail data is not backed up or passed from one domain to another via the SPI Domain Initialization from Source process. To transfer of information, you must use the Audit Trail Trim and Restore operation or external database tools.

  • The Audit trail options will not retrieve Change Log data for updates in Index and Wiring supporting tables as these are not recorded to the database.