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 If you change the existing global path, all user-defined paths remain linked to the previous global path.  For example, if you change the global path from \\APP_SERVER\SmartPlant\Instrumentation to \\APP_SERVER_1\SmartPlant\Instrumentation, and a user has already specified a path to the PSR folder, in the appropriate box, the user-defined path is displayed as a full path \\APP_SERVER\SmartPlant\Instrumentation\PSR.

  1. Start the Administration module and log on as System Administrator.

  2. With the System Administration window open, do one of the following to open the Domain Definition window:

    • Click File > Domain Definition.

    • Click .

  3. From the Domain list, select a domain.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click Options > Edit.

    • Click Edit icon 16bit.

  5. In the Global path group box, click Browse to navigate to the folder which you want to set as a global path.

    • We recommend that you specify a path that complies with universal naming conventions (that is, it starts with \\).  If you want to use mapped drives, make sure that all Smart Instrumentation users have the same drive mapping.

    • A global path does not apply to individual temporary folder settings.

    • Select Allow to overwrite the global path if you want to allow users to set user-defined paths in addition to the specified global path.  When this check box is selected, users are not restricted to setting new paths in Smart Instrumentation only within the global path folder.

  6. Click Save Icon 16bit to save the current domain data to the database.