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The following set of procedures deal with creating, defining, and managing a Smart Instrumentation domain.  You can perform the following actions:

  • Make domain definitions — After initializing and associating a domain, you can set the definitions of the new domain in the Domain Definition window.  Later, if required, you can change some of these definitions.  For example, you can change the domain type, activate or deactivate the audit trail options, set the workflow option, set a plant hierarchy separator, and so forth.

    If working in an integrated environment, you cannot use a forward slash (/) as a plant hierarchy separator.

  • Manage activity tracking— The domain activity tracking feature monitors the usage of every module in the domain (except for the Administration module).

  • Activate the audit trail functionality — This option allows the System Administrator to activate the audit trail mechanism.  As a result, the Domain Administrator will be able to trim and load audit trail records.  The System Administrator, however, can switch the audit trail functionality on or off as required at any stage of the plant life-cycle.

  • Enable cable type dependency — This procedure allows the System Administrator to enable cable type dependency in a specific domain. Cable type dependency is a method of managing cable data in the Wiring module.  Using this method, it is possible to create plant cables in the Domain Explorer only by dragging reference cables from the Reference Explorer, where each cable represents a specific cable type.  As a result, certain cable properties are fixed because they are cable type-dependent.

  • Enable workflow — This procedure explains how to activate the Smart Instrumentation workflow setup.  When activated, the software displays the Workflow Browser in Smart Instrumentation to enable instrument engineers to implement the workflow setup.

  • Specify a global path — The System Administrator can use this procedure to specify a global path in Smart Instrumentation.  It is useful to specify a common global path for all users if you want the software to retrieve data from different users when performing a domain backup.  The System Administrator can set or change the global path any time, at any stage of the plant life-cycle.