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You can replace the Smart Instrumentation interface language.  The System Administrator must first add languages to the database.  After adding a language to the database, you can replace your current language with the added one.

The following languages are currently available as add-ins:

  • English (default)

  • French (partial translation)

  • German (only some terms are translated)

  • Custom (for languages other than English, French, or German)

After adding the interface language, you can do the following:

  • Replace the existing interface language with the new interface language.

  • Translate interface text phrases.

Translated text appears in the main Smart Instrumentation interface, the Administration module, and in the Import and Merger utilities.  The text strings are stored in the In_catalog.DDTI file.

Text in the following software components is not translated:

  • Initialization and Update interfaces

  • Rule Manager

  • Internal Setup

  • SAP Interface

  • Fluke Wizard

  • External Editor

  • Process Data Editor

Text strings for other software components are located in the following separate resource files:

Resource File



Resource file containing all user interface text strings added to any component starting V2009 SP1. This file is located under the SPI-Language-Kit folder within the SPI installation folder. For more information, see Complementary Resource Files


All user interface text strings for the Domain and Reference Explorers and Preferences for the Enhanced Report Utility


Menu labels, ToolTips, and Microhelp for the Enhanced Report Utility


Menu labels, ToolTips, and Microhelp for the Symbol Editor


Dialog box labels and error messages for the Enhanced Report Utility and Symbol Editor


Text in the About box for the Enhanced Report Utility


Text in the About box for the Symbol Editor

  • Smart Instrumentation automatically uses all resource files under the SPI-Language-Kit folder within the Smart Instrumentation installation folder for the selected interface language. See Complementary Resource Files.

  • You must change your operating systems regional settings to the appropriate language for the interface language to work.