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Enables the Domain Administrator to import a hook-up item library to the database.

To access this dialog box, on the Add-Ins menu, click Import Hook-Up Library.


File name and path — Allows you to specify the source file.  You can type the file name and path or click Browse.  The default file is IN_CTLOG.DDTI.

Standard — Allows you to import standard Smart Instrumentation hook-ups.

SHELL — Allows you to import Shell Oil compatible hook-ups.

Miscellaneous Options

Hook-up drawing path — Allows you to specify the path to the drawings (if you have a folder for the drawings) to avoid typing it each time you open a drawing in the Hook- Ups module.

Plant Name — Allows you to select a target plant in which Smart Instrumentation users will be able to work with the imported hook-up item library.

Import — Imports the selected hook-up library from the source file to your database.  This button becomes active after you specify a source file.