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This feature allows you to import spec forms into your database. After the import, these spec forms become available in the Form Editor and Page Editor in the Specifications module.

You import the required spec forms first by connecting to a source file and then by importing them to your database.

  1. Start the Administration module and log on as Domain Administrator.

  2. With the Domain Administration window open, click Add-Ins > Import Spec Forms.

  3. Under Source database, locate the source file in one of the following ways:

    • In the File name and path box, type the path and filename of the required source file (the default file is IN_CTLOG.DDTI).

    • Click Browse to navigate to the required source file.

  4. Click Open to open the libraries available in the source file.

     If you get a message stating that the connection has failed, make sure you typed in the correct path and filename of the source file (see step 3 of this procedure).

  5. In the Import group box, click Browse to set the import folder path. Make sure that the path includes the appropriate filename.

  6. In the Available forms for import data window, do the following:

    1. Click the appropriate Select check boxes for the spec forms that you want to import.

    2. Under New Form, accept the displayed form number or type in a new number for the imported spec form.

    3. Under New Form Name, type the name of the new spec form that will be imported into your database.

      The new spec form names and numbers must be unique in your plant.

  7. Click Import to append the selected views to the database.

  • After importing the spec forms, you must rebuild the catalog tables. Switch to System Administration and then click DBA > Rebuild catalog tables.

  • You can import only those spec forms for which you purchased an appropriate license.

  • To use these forms in Smart Instrumentation, you must regenerate the specifications that are based on these forms. You can do it for a single specification page or for multiple ones in batch mode. For more information, see Regenerate a Specification Page or Regenerate Pages in Batch Mode in the Smart Instrumentation help..