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This option enables you import DCS hardware I/O data from the Foxboro - I/A FBMs library.

  1. With the Domain Administration window open, click Add-Ins > Import DCS Hardware I/O Library.

  2. Under Source , locate the source file in one of the following ways:

    • In the File name and path box, type the path and filename of the required source file (the default file name is IN_CTLOG.DDTI).

    • Click Browse to navigate to the required database DDTI file.

  3. Click Open to open the Foxboro - I/A FBMs library.

    SHARED Tip If you get a message stating that the connection has failed, make sure you typed in the correct path and filename of the database file (see step 3 of this procedure).

  4. Under Select panel library, select Foxboro - I/A FBMs.

  5. Click Import to import the process connection data to your database.

 The software does not allow you to import the same connection data more than once.  If you attempt such an import, the software displays an appropriate message stating that the data import has failed because at least some of the connection data already exists.