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When initializing a domain in Oracle, ORA-01722 error messages is likely to occur on a client machine belonging to any of the following language groups:

  • French

  • Slav — Russian, Polish, and so forth

  • Western European and Scandinavian — German, Dutch, Norwegian, and so forth

  • Spanish — Spanish of Spain

  • Portuguese

  • Italian

  • Baltic — Latvian, Lithuanian, and so forth

If you ignore ORA-01722 error messages and complete the domain initialization, the domain does not initialize correctly.  To prevent the problem from occurring or to resolve the problem if it has already occurred, do the following:

  1. In the Registry Editor, under My Computer, expand the KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder hierarchy.

  2. Expand the SOFTWARE folder hierarchy.

  3. Expand the ORACLE folder hierarchy.

  4. Right-click the KEY_OraDb12Home1 folder.

  5. On the pop-up menu, point to New and click String Value.

  6. Under Name, type the parameter NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS.

  7. Right-click the NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS parameter string and then, on the pop-up menu, click Modify.

  8. In the Edit String dialog box, under Value data, enter the following values: ., (dot and comma)

  9. Click OK.

If you performed this workaround after you have received an ORA-01722 error message, when you try to run the interrupted initialization process again, the software might prompt you to resume or restart the process.  For details about resuming or restarting the process, see Handle an Initialization Failure.