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As the System Administrator you need to initialize an empty domain, or initialize a domain using a DDTI seed file (backup file) as a source. The common tasks involved in initializing a domain include:

  • Initializing an empty domain or initializing a domain using another domain as a source in Oracle or SQL Server.

  • Initialize an empty domain or initializing a domain using a DDTI seed file (backup file).

  • Initialize a domain from the command line — initialize a domain without using the Smart Instrumentation Administration module options.

  • Add User-Defined Database Views — Create a list of user-defined database views prior to initializing another domain when using the current domain as a source.  The user-defined database views that appear in the list that you make also appear in the target domain after the domain initialization.

  • A DDTI file contains data that is not database dependent. The data in a DDTI file can be imported to any database format (MSS or Oracle) irrespective of its source.

  • A DDTI backup file and a DDTI offline package file contain different data and therefore are not interchangeable, a package file cannot be used to initialize a domain or a domain backup file to export/import a package.