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Before initializing a domain, familiarize yourself with the following prerequisites:

General Prerequisites for Initializing a Domain Using Another Domain as a Source

  • When initializing a domain using another domain as a source, run the DB Checker Utility for the source domain.

  • Make sure the database type and version of the source domain is the same as the database type and version where you want to initialize a new domain. If not, you must upgrade the source domain, or the target Admin schema to the same version of your Smart Instrumentation┬« software.

  • When initializing a domain using another domain as a source, in the source domain, make a list of all user-defined database views that are used in the source domain.  You need to log on as Domain Administrator to add user-defined database views in the list.  When initializing a domain, the software only creates those user-defined views that the Domain Administrator added in the list.

  • When initializing a domain in Windows Vista and Windows 7, you might need to temporarily turn off the User Account Control in Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10.  For details, see Workaround for an Initialization Problem in Windows 7 and 10.

Domain Initialization in Oracle

  • If your Oracle client language environment is other than English, Far Eastern, Middle Eastern, or Spanish (Latin American), you must configure the NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS parameter in the client registry prior to initializing a domain in Oracle.  For details, see Numeric Character Settings for Oracle.

Domain Initialization in SQL Server

  • Regardless of the source domain platform, make sure that in the INtools.ini file, the [Database] section has the following statement:

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