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If you work with Smart Instrumentation in thin client mode (via Citrix), you can perform a domain backup without using the Administration module options of Smart Instrumentation.  To do so you need to create and run a batch file on the Citrix server, for example Batch_Backup.bat and define specific parameters in this file.

Parameter String for Backup in Thin Client Mode

Init.exe BKC,<Copy users and departments flag>,<Save last created ID flag>,<Domain name of the source domain>,<Path to the target folder for the seed file on the Citrix server>.

  • You must only use commas as parameter separators.

  • Use upper case for the Y and N flag settings.

The following table describes the parameters in the order of their appearance in the parameter string.



Possible Settings


The initial parameter, which allows you to start the database engine.



Stands for the name of the operation


<Copy users and departments flag>

The Yes/No parameter for copying user and departments definitions from the source domain to the target backup database file.  The software can only copy those users who are assigned to groups.

Y or N

<Save last created ID flag>

The Yes/No parameter for saving the ID of the last item that was created in the domain. Set this parameter to Y (yes) if you later intend to merge items in the Merger utility. Set this parameter to N (no) if you previously backed up the domain and you want to merge data that was modified since this previous backup.

Y or N

<Source Domain name>

The Domain name of the schema that you use as a source for backup.


<Path to the target folder for the seed file>

The full path to the folder on the Citrix server where the backup seed file is created.

D:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPlant\


Init.exe BKC,Y,N,IN_DEMO,D:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPlant\Instrumentation\Backup

  • If the .INI file is not located in Smart Instrumentation home folder (which is usually the case in Citrix) then the path to where the intools.ini resides should be defined in the Path of the System variables.

  • The software records errors that do not let the backup start or minor errors that do not cause the backup process to fail in a log file. This log file is located in the same folder as the backup file and uses the same name as the backup but with the suffix .log.

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