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  • If you work in thin client environment, for example, Citrix, you must copy the INtools.ini file to the Smart Instrumentation home folder on the server machine to be able to perform a backup procedure.  On backup completion, remove the Intools.ini file from the server machine.

  1. With the System Administration window open, click File > Backup.

  2. On the Backup Repository dialog box, click Browse to select the folder where you want to create your backup file.

  3. Click Select.

  4. On the Back Up Domain dialog box, from the Domain list, select the domain you want to back up.

  5. If required, select Save last created ID for merging renamed items to save the ID of the last item that was created in the domain.  You can select this option if you later intend to merge items in the Merger Utility.

  6. If required, select Copy users & departments to target domain.

    SHARED Tip The software can only copy those users and departments who are assigned to groups.

  7. Click OK to start the backup process and monitor the progress on the Backup Information dialog box.

    • The name of the backed-up domain is <DomainName_MMDDYYHHMMSS.DDTI>.  You cannot change these settings.

    • The software records errors that do not let the backup start or minor errors that do not cause the backup process to fail in a log file. This log file is located in the same folder as the backup file and uses the same name as the backup but with the suffix .log.

    • In the target database, the domain type is the same as in the source database.

  8. Click Close after the backup is completed.

Backups, Domain, .INIT, and so forth can only be made to your local drive. A backup cannot be made to or from a network drive.

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