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As System Administrator, you are responsible for backing up a domain to a chosen folder.  It is only possible to back up one domain at a time.

Back Up a Domain — This procedure enables the System Administrator to select an existing domain on the server database on SQL Server or Oracle and then back up this domain to a chosen folder.

Back Up a Domain from the Command Line — This topic explains how to back up a domain without using the Administration module options of Smart Instrumentation.

Back Up a Domain in Thin Client Mode — This topic explains domain backup parameters that you need to include in a batch file for backing up a domain when working with Smart Instrumentation in thin client mode (via Citrix).  After defining the appropriate parameters, you run the batch file on the Citrix server to back up the target domain.  You do not have to use the Administration module options of Smart Instrumentation when backing up a domain in thin client mode.

Backups, Domain, .INIT, and so forth can only be made to your local drive. A backup cannot be made to or from a network drive.