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The Domain Administrator can manage Smart Instrumentation reports.  This activity involves associating a customized title block with a report, and setting archiving options for report comparison within the Smart Instrumentation environment.  Using these options, you manage all the available reports in most of Smart Instrumentation modules.  When managing reports, you filter and sort the report data as needed.

Also, you can define revision management settings.  In the database, each report is assigned to the report type, which can be list or non-list.   The report type determines how Smart Instrumentation users can manage revisions created for a specific report, for an item, or a group of items.  For list-type reports, the Domain Administrator can enable users to manage revisions either per document or per item.

In accordance with the revision management setting, users can either create a revision whose document number and revision number become shared for a specific item and for reports generated for that item (when the setting is per-item), or create a unique revision for a particular report (when the setting is per-document).

Depending on the revision management settings defined by the Domain Administrator, after creating a document (drawing or report), you can save it as a revision.

When saving a revision, the software assigns a revision number to the saved document and saves the revision in the archive (backup), allowing you to compare the current document with the archived document.

After opening a document (that has been saved previously with a revision) and then making changes, saving (or refreshing) the document without saving as a new revision displays a prompt. Do you want to re-archive? Yes or No.

Click Yes, to overwrite the document without creating a new revision, retaining the last revision number of the document you opened and saving the document to the archive (re-archiving). If you now compare the current document with the archived document there are no differences.

Click No to save the document changes without a change in the revision number, but without saving the changes to the archive. If you now compare the current document with the archived document the differences are displayed.