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The options on this page allow you to specify various preferences that are applicable when working in an integrated environment or with particular interfaces.

Relative tolerance — Type a value using a decimal point with ‘1’ preceded by the number of zeros representing the accuracy that you require, for example: 0.01, 0.0001.

Output XML folder

Global path — Displays the global path set by the System Administrator.

Default folder for XML files — This option applies when you use the Smart Electrical or DeltaV interfaces. Click Browse to select a working folder in which to keep the XML files containing your published data.

Graphical report format

Determines the output format for view files when publishing documents. Select from:

  • PDF — Generates published reports in PDF format.

  • None — Does not publish any graphical reports.

For changing the settings of the Graphical report format see Setting the Report Format.

Marked for Deletion — Select this check box to activate the Marked for Deletion option in the To Do List.