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Allows you to encrypt the logon password of the Smart Instrumentation database security schema, which stores the encrypted Admin schema password in the database. Depending on the database platform, this schema is created either in Oracle or SQL Server during the Smart Instrumentation database setup.

In Oracle the security schema is called INTOOLS_LOGIN. The schema logon name and password are both intools_login.

In SQL Server, the schema (database user) is called SPI_login.  This schema login is shared for all databases you create in a particular SQL Server instance.  For example, if you create SPI1 and SPI2 databases in the same instance, each database contains the SPI_login schema but, at the instance level, both schemas share the same login, whose name is SPI_login and password is spi_login_pwd (lower case).

Security schema logon name — Displays the security schema logon name. The logon name is set permanently in the software and cannot be changed or encrypted.

Security schema logon password — Allows you to change the security schema logon password if needed. The password characters appear masked. On Oracle, the default password is intools_login. On SQL Server, the default password is spi_login_pwd.

OK — Permanently encrypts the security schema logon password.