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You may also want to define a <plant> before creating a project.  For details, see Create a Plant Hierarchy Item on the Highest Level.

  1. Start the Administration module and log on as Domain Administrator.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Click Activities > Project Activities.

    • Click .

  3. In the Project Activities dialog box, click New.

  4. Type a name and description for the project as required.

    The following characters should not be used in a project name as this could cause problems when exporting a project or when using the Command Line Interface.

































  5. From the Project Administrator list, select a user you want to set as Project Administrator.

    SHARED Tip By default, the Project Administrator list displays users belonging to the ADMINISTRATORS group because only such a user can create the first project.  Before starting to scope data for this project, you may want to create a special user group that only includes Project Administrators.  After you assign this group to the project, the Project Administrator users become available for selection the Project Administrator list.  Therefore, before you create such a group, you can consider the currently selected Project Administrator as temporary.  For details about defining Project Administrators, see Flow of Activities for Defining a Project Administrator.

  6. From the Plant list, select a plant to which the project is to be assigned.

  7. If required, select a workflow option for the project.

    Once you create the project schema you cannot change this selection.

  8. Do one of the following:

    • Select the Do not propagate wire tag names check box if you want to suppress the tag number name propagation along the signal path – this way you will be able to customize wire tag names along the propagated signal path.

    • Clear the Do not propagate wire tag names check box to propagate wire tag names – this way, all the wires along the propagated signal path will be named according to the tag number from which the signal originates.

  9. If needed, click Logo to select a logo for the current project.

  10. Click Scope.

    If you are creating a project that has just reference data, go to Create and Export a Reference Data Only Package.

  11. At the prompt, click Yes.

  12. When prompted to copy user groups from As-Built, do one of the following:

    • Click Yes to copy all the As-Built user groups to the current project.

    • Click No to create the project with only one user group (that is, the group to which the current Project Administrator belongs).

  13. The software creates the Project Schema, at the prompt click OK.

    SHARED Tip Creation of the project schema can take a considerable time, therefore, if you do not need to implement your project right away, click No when prompted.  You can then create the project schema when you claim items for the project.

  14. In the Scope Definition dialog box, select the As-Built plant units you want to include in the scope of your project.

    SHARED Tip The As-Built units you select are the source material for claiming items to your project, and for merging your project back to.

  15. Click OK.

  16. At the prompt, click OK.

  17. Click Close.