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As an Owner Operator/EPC Project Mode you can create and export a project with reference data only. This gives an external contractor a blank canvas to populate the project with new items using just the reference data supplied.

The Reference Data Types are:

  • Admin access

  • Wiring supporting tables

  • Instrument Index supporting tables

  • Telecom supporting tables

  • DDP Module supporting tables

  • Maintenance supporting tables

  • Process Data supporting tables

  • Specs templates

  • Reference Explorer items

  • Units of Measure definitions

  • Enhanced Reports changes (layout and reports)
    In Smart Instrumentation versions 2018 and 13.1, the ESL layouts are reference data. Therefore changes made to ESL layouts in a project, are imported/merged to your target database changing the reference data. To safeguard against this happening, inform the package/project user to avoid making any changes to the ESL Layouts. This is applicable when working with Offline Projects.

  • Macro definitions

You can export existing projects or create a new project with your scoped items.

To create and export a project with only reference data, follow the procedure Create a Project until the step click Scope.

Click Scope and do the following:

  1. Scope the required unit/units you require to the project.

    Make sure that you are using a project that has no plant items copied to it.

  2. Click Export.

  3. In the Save dialog box, type a name for your exported project file.

    The following characters should not be used in a project name as this could cause problems when exporting a project or when using the Command Line Interface.

































    SHARED Tip We recommend that you keep this empty project file for future export of the reference data only package.

  4. Click Save.